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Our Partners

Non-Governmental Organizations

We provide Geo-Analytic support to NGOs who need assistance with mapping, analyzing, and modeling data for conservation, preservation, and anti-poaching missions.

Chengeta Wildlife:

Is our primary NGO partner having demonstrated success in enhancing anti-poaching operations in adverse regions of Africa; applies specialized community engagement and ensures humane protocols are adhered to; and provides investigative liaison support to key governmental entities. Chengeta Wildlife has forged partnerships with many NGOs to advance anti-poaching mission operations.

The CWTI provides the geospatial analytic domain of the Chengeta Wildlife strategic framework; and, with and for the partnering NGOs, including: the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Mali Elephant Project, among others.

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CWTI Academic & Conservation Research Consortium Collaborators

NEW! The Conservation Project International Collaborative:

We are thrilled to announce that CWTI is partnering with The Conservation Project International, a global leader in placing CWT Student Internships studying Conservation Sciences and Criminal Conservation applications. This is a wonderful collaboration that merges efforts to give our students a broad array of areas of opportunities for student internships, research, and career opportunities, worldwide in Conservation Sciences.

NEW! The Saint Louis University, Geospatial Institute (GeoSLU):

Has formed the CWT Working Group Initiative! 

CWTI is honored to merge our research & development for all things geospatial (Data, Analysis, Sensor design and raster analysis, and ML/AI and network modeling) with GeoSLU, a leader in advanced geospatial design and applications. The CWT WG embraces collaboration with all Universities involved with geospatial sciences.

University Collaborators:

Saint Louis University:

The Geospatial Institute (GeoSLU) CWT Working Group


Maryville University


Washington University: 

     Tysons Research Center, Environmental Studies


     The Living Earth Collaborative

University of Kansas: 

     Intelligence Community Center For Academic Excellence

University of Alabama

     Illicit Supply Network Consortium

Michigan State

     Criminal Conservation Program

University of Maryland 

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