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What We Do

Our Geospatial Analytic services enable organizations to effectively interpret relevant geospatial data and enhance contextual knowledge (GEOINT) that informs and advances efforts to address wildlife criminal and trafficking issues in the US and Internationally.

Pillar One: CWT Geospatial Analytics &

Predictive Modeling (ML/AI)

Applied Geospatial Data Standards

Applied Geospatial Standards

  • We promote the use of geospatial data standards for analytic continuity.

  • We advise our clients about data architecture so their data can be used to its fullest potential.

Click Here for Latest GIS Standard for Combating Trafficking of Wildlife Flora and Fauna

Tailored Data Collections:

Handheld & Remote Sensing

  • Our ranger collections are achieved with a tailored Esri mobile app for seamless integration into the Geo-Analytics environment.

  • We apply remote sensing sensor data to the collection including commercial imagery and UAV technologies where achievable.

  • We apply ground sensor technology data to the collection including camera traps, animal tracking GPS sensors, and acoustical sensors where achievable.​

Tailored Data Collections

Geospatial Analytic 


Geospatial Analytic Products 

  • We provide specialized geospatial analytic products to enhance the understanding of anti-poaching mission collections.

  • We integrate, map, and analyze the convergence of illicit networks and their interactions (financial, drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and illegal natural resource extraction).

  • We combine anti-poaching operational analytics with conservation research to provide a holistic understanding of the issues affecting wildlife protected areas.

  • We combine data collections, geo-analytics, data-driven machine-learning algorithms, predictive and risk modeling results, and real-time alert system feeds to create a common operating picture that informs decision-makers at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. 

Data-Driven Automation:

AI, Machine Learning, Data Models

Data-Driven Automation:

AI, Machine Learning, Data Models

We collaborate with Universities to provide and apply cutting edge technological research to the topics of wildlife trafficking such as:

  • Co-develop machine learning algorithms and customized software to expedite analysis and delivery; and,

  • Derive geospatial models to understand trends and hot spots supporting interdiction ops.

  • Co-develop Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pillar Two:  CWT Research Partnerships 

We advance academic and conservation research by:

Co-developing and sharing multi-disciplinary academic research that contributes to the advancement of CWT programs, that in turn will advance respective academic programs; and,

Co-developing outreach activities with and for zoological institutions.

Apply Conservation Research to Solve Wildlife Trafficking

Apply Research To Solve Wildlife Trafficking

  • Co-develop and organize Key Research Questions to focus on ongoing research on resolving wildlife crimes and trafficking issues.

  • We help to align and unify organizational efforts in order to streamline support of strategic objectives and to influence policies.

Co-Host CWT Workshops &  Symposiums

CWT Workshops & Symposiums 

We provide insight to help lead and support multi-disciplinary engagement activities, including:

  • Co-Host Geo-Analytics Workshops

  • Guest Lectures for Classrooms or Organizations

  • Panels and Symposium Contextual Support

If you would like more information about our services please Contact us

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