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OUR CWTI Values:

There are many NGOs that address various facets of wildlife conservation and with missions to combat wildlife trafficking.  However, it is not necessarily common practice to coordinate expertise.

The Countering Wildlife Trafficking Institute (CWTI) is designed to provide a think tank environment with a systemic two-pillar approach that coordinates applied research and analysis to address the multi-faceted issues that pertain solving wildlife trafficking and to further wildlife conservation.

Pillar One - CWT Geospatial Analytics: We provide a dedicated geospatial analytics service to gather, integrate, process, and evaluate pertinent geospatial data and imagery.  We develop ground-truth predictive models within an interactive map environment providing actionable intelligence to support ranger operations, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies’ criminal and transnational threat missions.

Pillar Two - CWT Research Partnerships: Through the formation of the CWT Academic Consortium we apply relevant multi-disciplinary research to address wildlife trafficking issues; co-develop K-12 education programs and University lectures; provide internships for enduring careers in wildlife conservation, and seek grants for the consortium to address the complexities of wildlife trafficking.

Our two-pillar approach unifies stakeholders’ insight and ideas and serves as a clearinghouse of intellectual resources that will contribute to solving wildlife trafficking.


Our primary audience includes anti-poaching and conservation NGOs, universities, and zoos.


Our secondary audience includes the US and international governmental stakeholders with a mission to solve criminal and transnational threats; and, policy and lawmakers instituting new conservation practices to help sustain community and wildlife resources.


CWTI stakeholders may have different perspectives and expertise but all have the shared goal to defend and protect wildlife from poaching, wildlife crimes, and trafficking.


We look forward to collaborating with you. 

Through Unity Stop Killing (TUSK)



Odean Serrano, PhD

Founder, Countering Wildlife Trafficking Institute

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